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Welcome to the AnalystX SQL Community

Find out how you can get involved

AnalystX SQL Community for Health and Care

The AnalystX SQL community is a place where health and care professionals can find and share knowledge and resources as part of an active community, showcasing real-world examples and applications of the latest developments in AnalystX SQL in collaboration with NHS England's AnalystX programme.

The AnalystX SQL community will focus on the delivery of best practices, guidance and help with SQL as our core value. The community is set up with Hea

  • SQL challenge

    A typical SQL Query is of the format: 

    SELECT Table1.Data,

    COUNT(*) AS DataCounts

    FROM  Table1JOIN    Table2ON      Table1.Id = Table2.Id

    WHERE Table2.DataCriteria = 'something'

    GROUP BY Table1.Data

    HAVING COUNT(*) > 2

    ORDER BY  Table1.Data

    DESC The question is - What order are the SQL commands actually called?

    Please submit your answer and have a conversation in challenge channel in Slack

SQL Online exercise

Join the team!

We are SQL community team with new roles to create an executive group that can take forward the work building a community of practice. These are volunteer roles, but require an appropriate level of time commitment: i.e., approximately two hours per week.

We were particularly looking for early-carers, apprentices, and trainees who want to get involved. In this case, enthusiasm is more important than experience. Ideally, these roles would suit someone who is employed by the NHS.

Community Manager

  • Establishing direction for the community, leading by example, and motivate our members to get involved.
  • Develop the overall strategic plan for growing the community with the NHS AnalystX SQL Community Board.
  • Build relationships with other communities of practice across the NHS and Government.
  • Represent the organisation at external events and publicity opportunities.

Content Manager

  • Find and curate content for the community website and slack channel.
  • Help members of the community with copy editing and publishing on blogging platforms.
  • Develop the communities social media presence and brand identity.

Events Manager

  • Help organise, host, and deliver successful events that leave memorable experiences for the members of the community
  • Book events using the '' platform
  • Place advertisements for events on AnalystX and send out comms to NHS data and analytics teams
  • Work with our web developer to update the NHS AnalystX SQL community website events page

Web Developer

  • Further develop and update the NHS AnalystX SQL community website.
  • Work with the NHS.UK template.
  • Develop HTML/CSS skills.
  • Manage the community GitHub site.
  • Update community projects, blogs, event, and resources pages as needed.


Contact us at: